June 30, 2016 Yoga as a group activity

Yoga: India’s gift to the world a myth?

International Yoga Day 2016. India’s real gift to the world

We Indians may like to claim Yoga as our own. But recent International Yoga Day reactions seem to suggest that it may be a good idea to relinquish claim on this ancient yet trending practice. Then let it go forth as an arrow from our quiver. Let people make of it what they will.

Let those out in the cold practice Snow Yoga or those with an abundance of water do underwater Yoga. Ditto for Aerobic , Anti-Gravity  and AcroYoga: which consists of one partner perched on top of another performing various asanas.)

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What is the  the reason we want to claim that Yoga has originated from India?  Is it because we want to increase its  influence worldwide, then there is no better way than to give ownership of it to all of humanity. That way we shall ensure it will live on forever, changing form and keeping up with the times. Yoga can also become a barometer of the times we live in and the ethos of the general population.

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Wellness, Peace and Spirituality: the manifold benefits of Yoga

If you think about this on a deeper level, Yoga is not just a cool way to keep fit. Maybe the reason why millions are taking to it (20mil in the US alone!) has more to do with what it stands for and the aspirations it unleashes in us. Yoga has a mysterious aura to it. It harks back to the times when Man was harmoniously plugged into the universe before the chaos of wars and disruptions of technology.

Yoga is not about any particular caste, creed, religion, race, gender or orientation. But the spiritual underpinnings are indications that Yogis aspire to mental well-being along with physical fitness.

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The Pictures say it all! Look at the over joyous teeming masses from around the world! The enthusiasm is infectious. It is certainly the way forward. We can certainly leverage Yoga as part of India’s soft power.  It adds a powerful and compelling narrative to the India story.

It is not what we possess but what we give to the world that defines us!

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I think it is just amazing that millions of people got out on to the streets on June 21st 2016 to connect to their inner selves on a yoga mat. No matter where your location is  from Beijing to Bangkok, from Taipei to Manila and from Paris to Seoul. All the roads led to Yoga.

The teeming masses worldwide have an unfulfilled urge to connect to all of humanity, to meet on a small piece of common ground surrounded by minefields of hatred, mistrust and violent insanity. I think the world would have been a much better place today if we had invested in a few more initiatives like Yoga which seek to push back the creeping frontiers of darkness!

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Yogis on the onward march

Yoga being what it is I’m confident that everybody will have a different take on the subject. I’m sure there i going to be a riot of opinions, comments and feedback. I intend to mix it all up and am eagerly waiting for your response. We don’t have to agree on anything at all to get along. So let a thousand different flowers bloom!

Tell us your favorite Yoga styles and why you love them, be sure to send pics too. Maybe we’ll include them in our next post. Give us your views and rants on all things Yoga!!

Happy Reading!

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