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What’s cooking on your Microwave Ovens?

What’s cooking on your Microwave Ovens?

Nowadays everybody is switching to Microwave Ovens and the reason is clear enough. Lower cooking time, savings on electricity and easy to use. Microwaves use radio waves to agitate water molecules contained in our food. The resultant heat produced is used to actually cook our food. As Microwave Ovens cook inside out your food gets cooked evenly and does not remain raw. Also the taste and texture of the food does not change on reheating.

So if you are thinking of buying I’m sure you will want to know what are the Microwave Oven brands and prices and which model to go for in comparison to others. To make your task easier and to help you take an informed and intelligent decision I have taken a look at some of the popular brands of Microwave Ovens and done a review of them.

1. IFB 20SC2 Microwave Ovens

First on our list is this 20-Litre  Metallic Silver Model. It has a nice body design and an easy to use interface with lots of cool features and buttons on the LED Display on the right.
IFB 20SC2 Microwave Ovens Open DoorIFB 20SC2 Microwave Ovens FrontIFB 20SC2 Microwave Ovens Open Bowl

It is also endowed with a stainless steel cavity. You can cook frozen foods with ease using its speed defrost feature and multi-stage cooking lets you defrost and cook all in one go.  This feature also helps you cook varieties which require multi-level of cooking too. A child
safety feature is also embedded in this microwave.

IFB 20SC2 Microwave Ovens Side ViewAccessories include a Daffodil with lid, a measuring tumbler, 2 idli stand, a square cook and serve medium, a roti crisper and a ladle. The company offers free installation and demo on purchase and  IFB also offers a 1 Year Warranty on the machine and a 3 Year Warranty on the Magnetron and Cavity.IFB 20SC2 Microwave Ovens Display

However the after sales and customer service of this company sucks and quite a few customers are very vocal in their criticism. Sometimes installation is not done on time. Frequently  packing  is improper at the time of delivery. Buttons do not work unless used with pressure and broken accessories are sometimes delivered. These are just some of the problems  faced by customers to which the company has turned a deaf ear.

The fact of the matter is that this is a good model of Microwave Ovens and is also priced reasonably. Lots of happy customers are also using it successfully but when a few clients are facing specific problems the company is unable to resolve their issues to their satisfaction.  This is a serious shortcoming for a model which could work real great!

2. Morphy Richards 23 MCG Convection Microwave Ovens

Morphy Richards Convection Microwave Ovens Morphy Richards Convection Microwave Ovens front

Coming up next we have this designer piece Convection Microwave Oven that has varied cooking modes, a mirror glass door and capacity of 23L. It offers Grill, Micro and Convection cooking and a Child Lock keeps children from hurting themselves or the Microwave Oven. Sensory protection and Overheat function are other safety features you’ll be thankful for.

Morphy Richards Convection Microwave Ovens closeup viewWith 5 different power levels and 10 auto preset cooking options along with a Defrost function you get all the flexibility you desire. Plus this product also comes with a 2 year Warranty so rest assured you have all your bases covered with the Morphy Richards 23 MCG Microwave Oven. Demo and installation are provided free by the company though sometimes it does take a while for the company representatives to get around to it. But thatMorphy Richards Convection Microwave Ovens open door happens rarely and hopefully the people at Morphy Richards have taken note and rectified the same.

Overall though its a good model and promises to cut down on your cooking time and needless chores along with healthy tasty food for you and your family. It will also  lower your power bills. But you cant ignore the fact that some problems do persist. For instance the buttons are not sensitive enough and you need to press hard to get them to work. Sometimes they do not work altogether. Various customers have reported the Microwave tripping after prolonged use. The after sales service is in much need of an uplift.It is not like this is a bad product and there are loads of happy customers eating their paneer tikkis and biryanis out there but should something go wrong the company needs to get proactive and resolve the customers issues to keep  them from getting frustrated.

After all happy customers keep coming back, don’t they?

3. Samsung MW73AD Solo Microwave Ovens

Samsung MW73 AD Microwave Ovens

Simple, easy to use and no-frills, this is how I would describe this Microwave Oven which is next on my list. With a 20 Liter capacity, a wide door and Samsung MW73 AD Microwave Ovens open doorSamsung MW73 AD Microwave Ovens full viewsmooth exterior surface it is a thing to admire as much for its beauty as for its performance. An Eco button on the trendy LCD Panel lets you save upto 40% power idling.  A rapid defrost button works just as well to quickly defreeze food to its pre-frozen state.

A diminutive size and a round inner cavity add to the beauty of the product and a Triple Distribution System is at work to cook your food evenly with the help of an aperture antenna. There is a child safety lock and a Warranty of 1 Year along with this product, not 5 years. Accessories include an turntable and a grill rack.Samsung MW73 AD Microwave Ovens lcd display
Samsung MW73 AD Microwave Ovens front view

As a convenient and simple operations Microwave Oven it performs admirably but it could have been better. The color matching of the LCD Display is poor along with the font selection. It is only with some difficulty that you can read all the options. To make matters worse there is no back light given which could have solved this issue to some extent. The buttons are not touch but press, and press hard you must! This takes away some of the brownie points earned by this cute Samsung MW73AD Solo Microwave Oven. Otherwise this model is easy to use and gives you lots of preset cooking options without confusing you.

4. Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ Convection Microwave Ovens

Godrej GMX20 Microwave Ovens Godrej GMX20 Microwave Ovens front view  Godrej GMX20 Microwave Ovens side view
The Godrej Microwave Model is a compact little mean machine and performs various functions quite well and without much fuss though it can get a
little noisy sometimes. The 141 preset menus are quite handy and it is capable of rustling
up just about anything like tasty snacks, pastries, grilled cheeses,paneer, chicken etc. It has a stainless steel cavity and even though capacity is 20 Liter it seems a little smaller.

This model comes with 10 different power levels and an Auto Protection Mode. There is a 1 Year Warranty on the Product and a 3 Years Warranty on the Magnetron. Included in the package are a glass turntable, roller ring and a grill stand.  A couple of lucky customers have got a complimentary set of  utensils as well.

Godrej GMX20 Microwave Ovens open door

Owners of this model have reported ease of use and flexibility to cook their favorite dishes with minimum hassle since the buttons are few. Jog Dial feature is also useful to make manual adjustments to your cooking settings. Even though the exterior could have been a little better and the inside capacity  more generous.

But overall a good Microwave to own!

5. Electrolux C23J101 Convection Microwave Ovens

Electrolux C23J Convection Microwave Ovens
This Black colour 23 L gadget packs a hard punch. It comes with 101 Auto-cook menus, an auto defrost and combination cooking features. And the Electrolux C23J Convection Microwave Ovens Open Door viewElectrolux C23J Convection Microwave Ovens Open DoorTandoori heater to grill your food faster is an absolute knockout!! As the Electrolux Microwave Oven incorporates Smart

Wave Technology it provides a uniform level of power. It also ensures that there are no raw spots or over-cooked edges. It also preserves nutrient value of the food.

360 Degree Cleaning, 501 pre-programmed cooking cycles and an uncomplicated user interface are some of the features that make this Electrolux Appliance such a hit with home users. The company gives a 3 Year Warranty on their product so you don’t have to worry about its reliability. The  design in black will also win your heart.

If there is any problem at all with this machine it is of noise. Though not all products have this problem so hopefully company would have contained this problem even as I write this. Another issue that new purchasers have faced after buying the Electrolux C23J101 is a faulty cabinet light. Again not all pieces have this problem but enough customers are facing this problem for the company to sit up and take notice

6. IFB 30SC4 Convection Microwave Ovens

IFB 30SC4 Convection Microwave Ovens  IFB 30SC4 Convection Microwave Ovens Side view

A sheer metallic silver body, a stainless steel cavity and an elegant LED Display, this and lots more is what you get when you bring home this awesome IFB 30SC4 Convection Microwave Ovens open doorMicrowave Oven. It has 101 preset menus, a clock with a timer  and 10 different power levels for your convenience. This IFB 30SC4 Convection Microwave Ovens display viewmodel also offers Speed Defrost, steam clean and multi stage cooking besides deodorizing feature, auto heat and and of course express cooking. Whats more it also boasts of a sensor malfunctioning, overheating and child lock safety feature to avoid mishaps of any kind.

It has a mammoth 30L capacity and  you also get an attractive starter kit as goodies. The company offers a 1 year Warranty on the product itself and a 3 Years Warranty on the Magnetron and Cavity.  Installation and Demo are provided by IFB itself.  At the price range that it is offered it looks like a value buy.

But then again the Customer Care and after sales service lets down a great product. Agreed that very few pieces have problems but those that do are not getting resolved satisfactorily primarily those relating to Demo and installation. We wish IFB would get serious about its services and do itself a favor and spare its loyal customers a lot of trouble.

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