August 10, 2016 Fashion Aaina sponsors Dissotto

Dissotto an upcoming cricket club in Surat

Dissotto an upcoming cricket club in Surat

The Dissotto Cricket Club is a registered club dedicated to promoting sports and good-health through the game of Cricket, one of the most popular sports here in India. It is based in Surat, an Industrial  city of 5 million souls on the western coast of India. The venture is 5 years old and has 150+ paying members and a dedicated and ambitious cadre of officers to take it to the next level.

upcoming cricket club in Surat
At the DPL Team Selection Event, Surat

I have been a part of this initiative since its founding and we have been organizing Cricket Tournaments in the T-20 format played exclusively under night lights. The equipment and facilities are world class. The Club has its own practice ground with Practice Nets (2) adorned with artificial turf. Day and night practice facility, fielding and Wicket Keeping gear as well as an automated Bowling Machine. These are just some amongst many benefits offered to members.


 The Dissotto Cricket Club organizes its flagship tournament “The DPL” every year and the coming year will be the 6th edition of the Mega Contest. In addition they also organize other tournaments around the year like “The Prudential Cup”, “The Charminar Trophy” & “The Yassar Cup”. They also organized a first of its kind Test Match in the winter of 2015 which met with such staggering success . It was  followed  up with another Test Match in the same season.
Abid Umar hosting team selection
Abid Umar hosting the DPL Selection

The Club has a Chairman, a vice-Chairman, a treasurer and a secretary besides 3 other Committee members to assist in the day to day working of the Club. All matches are played in the standard season ball. The matches are accompanied by running commentary, presentations and live score updates. All teams have their individual uniforms in their team colors and this adds to the feisty atmosphere inherent to all Dissotto matches.

Our mission is to promote Cricket as a Gentleman’s Game

The Dissotto Cricket Club has made Discipline its hallmark. Cricket is still played here on the lines of the good old days of Cricket being a Gentleman’s game. Rarely will you find a cricketer arguing with an umpire or with match officials. Nor will there be any kind of fuss when game is in play.

Moreover Dissotto is committed to enthusing youngsters and promoting the game of cricket among the general population.

The current composition of the club is a unique collection of Cricket Lovers from all walks of life and of all ages. The Dissotto Cricket Club endeavors to encourage Cricketers from all sections of society without discrimination on the basis of religion, cast ,creed or color.

Currently preparations are underway for the upcoming season. The DPL this year has been named “Club 100 DPL-2017”. 8 teams will clash for the title starting October 1st 2016. 104 players will show their cricketing prowess in this mega event which will run right through to May 2017. Matches are going to be conducted on the weekends and will be either night or day/night matches.

The teams have been formed and the players have been selected. A glittering ceremony was held on 31st July 2016 for this purpose. And I was fortunate enough to host the event and our website  Fashion Aaina is also one of the co-sponsors to the event.

Fashion Aaina partnering the Dissotto Cricket Club

Our mission at Fashion Aaina is to promote good health and healthy living. And it finds synergy with the message propagated by The Dissotto Cricket Club. We are privileged and honored to be their partner in this initiative. Fashion Aaina will continue its efforts to partner with all health related initiatives which promote healthy living & wellness solutions. Further more here at Fashion Aaina we have also launched our #inspire2aspire initiative. It promotes sharing of personal stories of struggle against weight gain and ill-health.

Good Luck Dissotto and may the “Club 100 DPL-2017” be the most magnificent success to date.



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