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Tamanna Roadies could do with a Dash of shopping!

What do Roadies Tamanna Roadies Sharma, Palak Johal and Bobby Chopra have in common?

While we just discovered in the previous article what an amazing innovation the Amazon Dash button is and all the cool stuff that you can do with it including ordering some Trojan Condoms!
We have reports coming in of guys hacking the Dash Button to order their favorite pizza or locating pets poop as well. So there’s a lot you can do with these nifty little buttons. You can hang them wherever convenient. They are plastic so a bit tacky looking but they deliver on their promise of short one push button transactions. Besides this is just the beginning and Amazon and the febrile minds of geeks are sure to open up new vistas. So better stay tuned!

Today what we are going to do is look at the lighter side of things and have a good old laugh at some of the contestants and judges  of popular reality show MTV Roadies. Just like Tamanna Roadies at the top here, we’re going to suggest some products that these people could order using the Amazon Dash button. Who knows they might need just that in the coming episodes of the Roadies Season X4.

As the season nears its grand finale and the tasks get tougher, the rhetoric gets shriller and the tension is palpable. No one holds back and every one pushes back hard. Expecting no mercy from their fellow contestants all the remaining participants are expected not to yield any quarter. The pressure has even got to the judges or the “Gang Leaders”: Karan Kundra, Ranvijay Singh , Price Narulla and Neha Dhupia.

Tamanna Roadies ki

This was self evident at the wee end of  the 22nd episode when Neha lost her cool when asked to vote out either Satish or Navdeesh. After venting her spleen at host Gaelyn Mendonca to no avail, she railed against the unfair tactics. She was especially displeased that in the event of a tie both Satish and Navdeesh would be sent home.

Intex Whale Sparay Pool



Neha Dhupia Swimming
Image courtesy www.filmymonkey.com


Despite the cooler climes of Sikkim, Neha lost her temper. We would suggest the Intex Whale Spray Pool for Neha to cool her head and balm her bruised ego. While chilling out may we suggest she try some Herbal Green Tea!


Neha Dhupia image
Image courtesy http://www.mtvroadiesx4.in/

Since she is a former Femina Miss India and a fashion icon, she might consider getting rid of that ugly cowl shaped scarf and those ridiculous sunglasses and pick up something more trendy! The good news is that she could just press the Dash button and Amazon would do a premium delivery for her, just in time for her next episode of the Roadies!









Rubal who lost his marbles

Poor Rubal! You almost feel sorry for him. Poor guy he was so distraught. Come on, be honest! How many of you can relate to him? We’ve all lost our keys at some point in time. BUT! No one has lost their keys on  the Roadies! For him we suggest this keychain with a hidden digital camera. The keychain can be attached to the belt hook of your trousers and the digital camera can help pinpoint the exact location of the key in case it falls off from his pocket again.


Perhaps if he asked really nicely maybe the guys back at Amazon might deliver him a duplicate key as well on a press of his Dash Button. Surely Amazon delivery takes less time than it took for him and Tarasha to not complete the task!!! For her we can only suggest a return ticket to Delhi but she may have to wait a while as Amazon hasn’t come up with Dash buttons for air tickets as of now.

A trimmer for Ranvijay?

image courtesy https://indiamtv.com
image courtesy https://indiamtv.com

For Ranvijay who always manages to look so suave and charming there are a range of trimming tools to choose from so that he can maintain his iconic stubble just the way his fans like. As a bonus the geniuses at Amazon  have come up with something called the DRS-a Dash Replenishment System which will replenish Ranvijay’s favorite shaving cream, cologne etc automatically whenever stocks run low!!!

 lifelong-shaver braun-shaversphillips-shavers


Prince got the style

prince-narulla-imageWe loved that cute spiked hair look sported by Price Narulla, last year’s winner and the current year’s Judge/Gang Leader. And what’s more we have an exclusive collection of Styling Gels picked out just for him. and he can get them in a flash. All he has to do is press the Amazon Dash button( he could hang it on his mirror) and presto! The Dash button connects over the wi-fi and places an order for the specific product, in this case the styling gel and amazon delivers it to you at your registered address. All you need to do is buy the button which costs about 5 USD. Even that is refunded on your first purchase. This concept is ideal for products that we use repeatedly. Yes you guessed it perfect for Prince’s styling Gel!!!

P.S: I think Prince had a go at Ranvijay’s trimmers and now sports a shorn military style crew cut. But keep  that styling Gel handy, just in case!!!

Tamanna Roadies Styling Gel Tamanna Roadies Styling Gel Tamanna Roadies Styling Gel


Just to round up and remind you that all this is just good humored fun and not to offend anybody. I think the Roadies are a great show, Raghu Ram’s exit notwithstanding. I also believe that the Amazon Dash Buttons are here to stay and a harbinger of the future we are headed for. Do let me know of any other Roadies contestants that are in dire need of stuff quickly so we can pick up from where we left off! Also I want you to pick your brains and tell me the answer to the question I asked you at the beginning of this post. The similarity between Bobby, Palak and Tamanna Roadies All!!



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