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What not to forget for your Split AC Installation

Your Split AC Installation  is too important to be left to the experts!

Congratulations on buying a new Split Air Conditioner unit. Obviously you must be looking forward to beating the heat and letting your hair down.Split AC Installation  After all the hair-splitting over which model to buy in terms of price,features, cooling and energy consumption, you may think you have bought the best model and now all you need to do is chill out for some well-deserved R&R! But wait, before you let your guard down, you have one more crucial hurdle to overcome.
Your Split AC Installation! 

These days whenever we buy an AC either the installation is done by the Manufacturer or by the fulfilling company say for example Amazon if you have bought online. Either the Installation is free of charge and part of the package or  you may be billed for it separately. Split AC Installation  is somewhat complex and may be too difficulSplit AC Installation Padt to attempt on your own. But  there is no reason why you should trust the installation team blindly. Because if your Split AC installation is not done properly you may be left with a piece of metal. And the manufacturer and the fulfillment company may helplessly wring their hands!

After you get delivery of your AC you will have to make a service request for installation. When the Installation Engineers visit your premises for the actual installation procedure it would be worthwhile to keep some points in mind. Please ensure that they follow the best practices. In case they do not co-operate you may want to call their superiors, or the fulfilling company. You can refuse to sign the release form until you are satisfied that the installation has been done properly and your AC is working as it should.

Best practices to follow during your Split Ac Installation

Indoor Unit

  • Select an interior wall away from direct sunlight and heat  to mount your Indoor unit.
  • Keep a distance of at least 7″ at the top and more than 7 feet from the floor.
  • Make sure that the Indoor Unit is away from power sources, telephone lines or antennas
  • Ensure that no plumbing lines pass through that portion of the wall on which the indoor unit is to be mounted
  • The wall should be robust enough to hold the weight of the unit, construct a frame if it is not
  • Use a level to place the mounting plate in horizontally but tilted to one side. When indoor unit is mounted it is also slightly tilted so as to allow unrestricted flow of condensed water to drainage pipe
  • Find an appropriate spot to drill hole to exterior depending upon opening in mounting bracket
  • The hole should be drilled downwards for proper flow of drainage water
  • Double check that the cable wires are connected to the screw terminals and that they match the diagrams given in the manual


Outdoor Unit

Split AC Installation types
Out door unit can be mounted in 3 ways
  • Select a clean and open space for the outdoor unit
  • Keep a distance of 12″ on all sides surrounding the unit
  • The Outdoor Condenser Unit can be mounted in 3 ways
  • It can either be mounted on a concrete pad or a bracket or on rooftop
  • Please select the most suitable.
  • Follow the Manufacturer’s manual for wiring.
  • Bleed air and humidity from the refrigerant circuit
  • Test all valves and joints for leaks.
  • Wrap the joints of the piping and insulating cover with insulating tape
  • Affix the piping to the wall with clamps
  • Seal the hole in the wall with expanding polyurethane foam
  • The outdoor unit should be as near to the indoor unit as possible.
  • Distance should never be further than 15 meters.


Precautions to take during your Split AC Installation

Split AC Installation rooftop

  • Get the Engineers to perform a leak check on your AC
  • Check to see that the correct amount of refrigerant is available in the condenser unit
  • Generally manufacturers provide enough refrigerant  for a 25 feet of line charge.
  • If the line charge is more or less than this benchmark, then get the Installation engineers to make adjustment for the same
  • For calculation purpose .22 oz of refrigerant per foot must be added or removed for every foot of line charge above or below 25 feet.


More from you

This is by no means a comprehensive list of points to ponder while getting your AC installed. But you will get a head start if you have some basic idea about your Split AC Installation and the correlation between installation and performance of your AC later on. So please let me know if I missed something that  you think is important. Please leave your comments and reviews below. I would love to hear from you if this article helped and if you would like me to do a more specific piece later on.

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