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Kindle Paperwhite eReader a book lovers paradise!

Kindle Paperwhite is a treat for Book lovers!

If your idea of a lazy Sunday afternoon is to lie on your back on a hammock curled up with a book, then you are going to love this fantastic Kindle Paperwhite eReader from Amazon. It can carry thousands of your favorite books inside and weigh less than a single paperback!

Kindle Paperwhite front You get a near similar experience as if reading a real book, you can scroll pages on touch of a button. Bookmark your pages and have the Kindle Paperwhite  open that page when you next open it to read. You can change the font size and style to yourKindle Paperwhite back choice. The latest model from Amazon even has Bookerly typeface pre-installed. You can change the layout, the margins and even the line spacing to your preference. Furthermore you get such value added services as a dictionary which is inbuilt, more info about the book you are reading with X-ray and even access to Wikipedia.
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If all this is not enough to entice you to bring home the Kindle Paperwhite, here is something that will. You get access to 30000 free books besides the almost 2 million paid book titles available for less than Rs 300 which is quite tremendous. Besides you get free samplers of book titles that you are looking to buy and recently Amazon has also started a monthly subscription service Kindle Unlimited where you can explore all the latest authors, popular books, genres etc for a nominal fee.

The Kindle Paperwhite has a 6 inch screen with a high resolution display with 300 ppi screen density which ensures clarity and ease of reading. There is an adjustable light which spreads towards the screen and not your eyes which helps you to read in dark or dim-light environment without Kindle Paperwhite comparecausing strain to your eyes. You can also read in sunlight without screen glare. You are freed from the hassle of charging your eReader frequently as a single full charge lasts for weeks of normal usage. Various models are available depending on connectivity whether you want a Wi-fi model or a Wi-fi plus free 3G model. You can also choose between a with Ads or free of Ads model for a price difference of course.

The Kindle Paperwhite comes with 4GB of storage and you also get access to cloud storage for all Amazon content. You can toggle between internal storage and Amazon’s servers quite easily so storage is never a problem.

Since Amazon now dominates the eReader markets so convincingly it is but natural that when you buy the Kindle Paperwhite you are entering the Amazon ecosystem but that in no way limits your choices. The Kindle series supports a variety of formats like AZW and AZW3 besides the txt, pdf, prc, html, mobi and the doc and docx formats. Jpeg, gif, bmp and png extensions are also supported. Besides you can always connect to  your PC or MAC for more downloads.

While this is a best in class eReader I cant help but note some features that I would like to see in future models of the Kindle Paperwhite. For one it would be a nice thing if my Kindle was waterproof so that I could take it everywhere. Also the ability to play audio would be a big big bonus as well so that I could jack up my headphones and listen to my favorite audio books! And if the people back in product design could make a color display model that would surely be a huge hit!

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I cannot repeat enough that this is a great product and naturally customer satisfaction is high. That is as long as the device works problem free, but as soon as some problems develop like screen freezing or lines in display then the customer experience is not so pleasant. This is primarily due to lack of Kindle Paperwhite newrepair facilities here in India. This is especially true after expiry of the warranty period. I think this is a serious enough issue for the company to sit up and take notice. As the customers are shelling out good money and they expect a high quality product that is durable and repair facilities if anything should go wrong. The company can of course make these repairs chargeable to the customers if the warranty period has expired.

Another grouse that Kindle Paperwhite owners have is related to the elaborate empire that Amazon has built around its Kindle eReaders. Whereas it boasts of almost 2 millions titles and lots of free titles to boot, the reality is that there are very few options for free downloads. If you don’t include all those self-published ebooks there are very few established authors or titles that are available for free and mostly you have to buy from the Kindle store or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. Also the free 3G version of the Kindle Paperwhite comes with disappointing connectivity and there is not much you can do except go to the Kindle store to make purchases. So you may be better off buying the Wi-fi model instead.

However the Kindle Paperwhite which is a renowned product the world over has outstanding utility and features that are desired by customers here in India and it would be unfortunate if they are denied the superior product and services that Amazon provides Internationally. Let aside the service issue the Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent eReader at the price tag offered and if you want to upgrade you can also buy the Kindle Voyager or even the Kindle Oasis at the very high end or if you are looking for your first eReader you may even consider the starting model of Kindle!

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