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Awesome Fancy Dress Costume this kid turned up in!

Come Fancy Dress Competition time and all kids get excited. But they are also puzzled as to what to go dressed as and they compare Fancy Dress ideas lists with their friends. Many a times it also happens that you have this great Fancy Dress Theme idea but  are not sure if you can get your hands on the costume. Parents have a hard time getting their children to settle on one particular costume which is both cool and viable. Creating a great impression with their Unique Halloween or Fancy Dress Costume is very important for the kids if not actually winning the prize.

 A Children’s Fancy Dress Competition in the Offing!

While the costume for the Fancy Dress is the most important it would be advisable not to ignore other aspects as well.

  • Get you child to memorize some lines of dialogue associated with the  character he/she is portraying.
  • Along with costume get the proper make-up, accessories, wigs as well to make it look authentic.
  • Get your child to talk, walk and make gestures like the character being emulated.
  • Show your child video clips of how to act like his/her favorite character.
  • Make sure the costume is comfortable for the child and that it is not too tight or loose or uncomfortable. Get rid of  loose ends that may cause the child to trip or fall over during the act
  • Get the child to rehearse continuously so that he/she does not forget the lines when on stage.


Cool Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Now for the interesting part of actually selecting the Outfit! It would be a good idea to let the child decide what he or she would like to go as. In case the child is not sure it would be a good idea to first think in terms of broad categories  before narrowing down on your choice. Too much choice can leave your child confused and indecisive. As such kids have a tendency of wanting everything they see so you might want to filter down on the choices you present.

Fancy Dress Angels & Fairies
Angels & Fairies
Fancy Dress Animals Wolf
Fancy Dress Army Uniform









Fancy Dress Celebrity Elvis
Fancy Dress Cowboy
Fancy Dress Halloween witch
Fancy Dress Historical
Fancy Dress Nativity Star
Fancy Dress Pirate









Fancy Dress Little Red Riding Hood
Fairy Tale









Images Courtesy of

Once you have a general idea about where your child’s interest really lies you can browse around and find the specific character that your child would like to to go dressed up as. You can  buy a costume from the online Fancy Dress Costume sites that offer theme based galleries. Or you can even rent one from Bricks n Mortars businesses in your town. Alternately you can even make one! In case you are interested in the last option we have covered the topic in some detail later in this article!


Fancy Dress & Halloween Costumes popular among kids as well as adults

Fancy Dress Inforgraphic


Most popular Fancy Dress Themes of all time


During my childhood days all we could think of becoming was Indian Freedom fighters because we could not get hold of any decent costumes. All you needed was a bed sheet which doubled up as a dhoti for Gandhiji. If you were lucky and could get a Jacket you could even go as Chacha Nehru!! But with changing times today’s children have more choice. They have an and opportunity to play a variety of characters be they historical, mythological or popular sportsmen, leaders or movie and pop-stars!

Even though superheroes of popular franchisees like Batman, Superman, Captain America and others remain popular. Monsters, pirates and fairy tale characters have also captured the imagination of children. Here’s a look at some of the popular Fancy Dress/Halloween Costumes available at the Costume Shop, a popular online store

Fancy Dress Angry Birds Fancy Dress Astronaut Fancy Dress Avengers Fancy Dress Batman Fancy Dress Genie Fancy Dress Monster Fancy Dress Superman Fancy Dress Wonder Girl

Images courtesy of the Costume Shop.


One of the most popular themes for Fancy Dress is Alice in Wonderland. Costumes for various characters like Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, the Hare etc are now readily available. This theme has gained popularity due to cartoons, tv shows and movies being made on the subject. Popularity of the original book by Lewis Carroll more than a century ago too remains high!  Here are some of the costumes being sold by Fun Ideas, another popular online store.

Fancy Dress Alice Fancy Dress Alice new Fancy Dress Alice Queen Fancy Dress Bunnies  Fancy Dress King Fancy Dress Mad Hatter Fancy Dress Queen Fancy Dress Red Queen Fancy Dress Queen of Hearts Fancy Dress Rabbit Fancy Dress Hare

Images Courtesy of Fun Ideas


Homemade Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids

Even though its a lot of hard work making your own fancy dress costume but the fun is in the journey isn’t it? It can be a good family activity to do together and let your creative juices flow! And just to give you a nudge in the right direction we’ve listed here some of the niftiest ideas from around the web for Fancy Dress/Halloween Costumes that you can make yourself.

Ideas and images from Popsugar

Fancy Dress ideas 101 Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians
Fancy Dress ideas Alligator
Fancy Dress ideas Barbie
Barbie Doll
Fancy Dress ideas Cat Burgler
Cat Burgler
Fancy Dress ideas Circus Woman
Circus Performer
Fancy Dress ideas Comic Character
Comic Character
Fancy Dress ideas Cup Cake
Fancy Dress ideas Facebook Page
Facebook Page
Fancy Dress ideas Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox
Fancy Dress ideas Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller
Fancy Dress ideas Ghost
Fancy Dress ideas Instagram
Fancy Dress ideas Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans
Fancy Dress ideas Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish
Fancy Dress ideas Mime
Mime Character
Fancy Dress ideas Mummy
Fancy Dress ideas Nutella
Fancy Dress ideas Owl
Fancy Dress ideas Pinata
Fancy Dress ideas Pixelated Pic
Pixelated Picture
Fancy Dress ideas Powerpuff Girls
Powerpuff Girls
Fancy Dress ideas Skeleton
Fancy Dress ideas Starbucks
Starbucks Coffee
Fancy Dress ideas Tintin
Fancy Dress ideas Aliens


Its all about you!

The bottom line is we all love having  a great time. Its fun pretending to be these famous characters that we are so fond of, especially kids who have a vivid imagination and a bit of fantasy from time to time sure spices up their lives.  I would love to hear from you and your experiences even the mishaps that happened! So please drop your comments and opinions regarding this post.  Also anything you would like me to write about in the future. Especially do let me know if you have this absolutely smashing idea for a Fancy Dress or Halloween theme. Did you buy that really outlandish costume from somewhere or even better made it yourself? Be sure to include some pics as well!!!

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