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Air Conditioners to beat the heat & save money!

Air Conditioners to beat the heat  and save some money as well!

The heat this summer is mind blowing literally!!! And those of us who missed out on buying their Air Conditioners in the off-season are now looking to do some last minute shopping. Having been caught off-guard by this intense and unexpected  heat wave, don’t let your desperation get the better of you, and buy a piece of junk that does not deliver on  cooling and causes some serious heart burn when the electricity bill arrives.

Based on my personal use and experience I’ve put together a list of Air Conditioners. These are worth buying in terms of price, features, cooling and of course the energy bills that we have to shell out at the end of the month. A common mistake we sometimes make  is that we try to save a couple of thousand bucks on the price of the AC. At the same time we ignore the fact that the price is a one time investment but the Electricity bills are recurring. Also I would suggest you pay close attention to the Warranty Conditions offered by the manufacturer because a couple of thousand spent in repairs not covered by the warranty could have been better spent in buying a model which offers a comprehensive Warranty

1. Carrier 12K Esko Split Air Conditioners

This model comes in a White Colour 1 Ton Capacity  with 3 Star Ratings but the price is attractive enough for a  Carrier Brand Air Conditioner. It Carrier 12K Split Air Conditionersoffers the Standard 1 Year Warranty on all parts excluding plastic parts which is pretty ok. The CopperCarrier 12K Split Air Conditioner Side View Condenser is  pretty useful as the Aluminium one proved to be troublesome on previous occasions. The Copper Coil is repairable whereas the Aluminium Coil is only replaceable.

The Dust Filter and the Anti-bacteria filter ensure a clean healthy environment along with cooling. It also comes with Humidity controls. The Carrier Model also offers exchange on your old appliance and a Rs 1000 Amazon Gift Card. The After Sales has scope for improvement though the installation is smooth  and trouble free. Customers report good noiseless cooling and average Electricity Bills!

Overall a good Air Conditioner and what it offers at this price can be considered a good value for your money!

2. Blue Star 3CNHW18CAF/U Inverter Split Air Conditioners

BlueStar Split Air Conditioners
Images Courtesy of Amazon India

An Inverter Air Conditioner is sure to save on your electricity bills and at the same time deliver peak performance. This model is a 1.5 ton White Color Air Conditioner with Catechin Filter and Silver Ion Filter. Besides anti-bacteria, anti-acarien, active carbon and dust filter are also provided. This means you can turn your home into a sanitized pollution free zone.

Air flow direction will give you uniform cooling even in corners and lots of flexibility via different operating modes like auto, cool, fan, dry and no heat. It has beautiful anti-corrosive Blue Fins that enhance the beauty of this sleek Air Conditioner with elegant design. There is also a self-diagnosis feature.

This is a 3 Star energy rated  Air Conditioner even though that is not mentioned anywhere. The cooling could be better but the Remote Control Device has lots of features as if to make up for its some what ungainly design. The company could improve overall design to make installation easier and oh yes please provide a longer power cord, that is a must.

Installation is provided directly by Blue Star but they are prompt in service. When in use this Air Conditioner is quiet and efficient and it does deliver on its promise of lower energy bills.

Go for this Blue Star Split Air Conditioner if you want beauty, performance and clean environment for your family!

3. Mitsubishi MS-GK 18VA Split Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi MS Split Air Conditioners
Images Courtesy of Amazon India

This is a premium product from the house of Mitsubishi, 1.5 Ton Capacity with a DC motor powering the indoor unit fan. It has an endearing design draped in White color with stylish edges.  An air outlet wane that oscillates up and down to spread the air flow evenly  and an LCD Display for important information are key features of this AC.

For installation you have to contact the company directly but that should not be much of a problem because they’ll do a good job of it. You will like this AC for its cooling, its economy and its safety features like a  LED on the indoor unit. This comes on as soon as there is a malfunction and indicates the exact problem. There is also a special box to protect the circuitry from dust and which also prevents a fire from breaking out in the unlikely event of a short circuit.

There is an added feature of getting rid of dampness from the room without lowering the temperature. This  ensures a comfortable atmosphere in your cooling zone. The 5 Star Ratings are of course a cherry on top.  You get all these wonderful features without having to worry about your electricity bills. The customers who have bought the Mitsubishi MS-GK are a happy lot and they have reason to be!

All in all What you see is what you get and I say its a real Bargain!!!

4. Samsung AR18JV5HATQ Split Air Conditioners

Samsung AR18 Split Air Conditioners
Images Courtesy of Amazon India

This is one smart piece of Gadgetry! From telling you whether the installation is done perfectly or not to the “Single User” Feature this Air Conditioner is fully loaded. It has a capacity of 1.5 Tons. furthermore the company offers an unbelievable  10 years Warranty on the Compressor and a 5 year Warranty on Samsung AR18 Split Air Conditioners Side Viewthe Condenser.

Digital Inverter Technology delivers huge power savings and Multi Jet Technology gives enhanced performance. This results in all round customer satisfaction. Moreover the Neo Inverter comes with 10 meters long  air throw feature so that cooling reaches all the far flung corners of your room giving uniformity of temperature.

The installation is taken care of by Samsung and you can avail of a cashback of up to Rs 2500 on exchanging your old appliance as well as a Rs 1000 Gift Card from Amazon. Customers report high level of satisfaction with the Samsung AR18JV5HATQ Split Air Conditioner.

Smart features are a hallmark of this Samsung AC!

5. Videocon VSN55 WV2-MDA Split Air Conditioners

Videocon VSN55 Split Air Conditioners
Images Courtesy of Amazon India

An amazing Air Conditioner in the 1.5 Ton Capacity Range with 5 Star Rating and an irresistible price tag!  An attractive design, a cool panel display, digital remote control and Temperature Control thermistor  are some of the features that will surely entice you to bring home this Videocon Split air Conditioner.

This model also boasts of an anti-bacteria filter, a multi stage filter, an active carbon filter and even a Vitamin  C filter. The Blue & Gold Condenser/Evaporator Fins add to the beauty and look of the AC.  The dehumidification and 4-way air deflection settings provide distributed cooling and high comfort levels. The Remote buttons glow in the dark for ease of use.

If you want excellent cooling, lower power bills, clean and sanitized environment and an Air Conditioner that adds to the aesthetics of your home then the Videocon VSN55 WV2 is your ideal Air Conditioner.

You can’t go wrong with this AC!

6. Voltas 125 CYE Classic YE Series Split Air Conditioners

Voltas 125 CYE Split Air Conditioners
Images Courtesy of Amazon India

This compact and sturdy Split air Conditioner from Voltas is all that it promises and then some more.  With a 1 Ton Capacity its cooling capacity is awesome and while you chill out you won’t need to feel guilty about increasing your electricity bills as this AC is a 5 Star Rated product.

Available in White colour. Anti-dust filters and hydrophylic aluminium fins are some of the cool features of this model. And with a 1 year warranty on the product and a 5 Year Warranty on the Compressor you will have a hassle-free life. Even though the price is on the higher side for a 1 Ton Air Conditioner this Voltas 125 CYE Classic is worth spending money on.

A big performance packed in a small package!

I hope this post has been useful to you in your journey to selecting the best Split Air Conditioner as per your needs. However please do take care to get your installation done accurately to save you a lot of problems later on.
See our guide to proper installation here!
Please do share your experiences and reviews of Split ACs in the comments section below.

Go Chill!

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