About me, I am Abid Umar the creator of this blog. I am an ordinary guy with a life just about as normal as any other you could find.

I loved to read since I was a child and have probably read more books than I care to remember. I had a flair for English and  wanted to be a writer but then again….Anyways at School  I found that I could think pretty good but not write as well, probably on account of too much of sports (Cricket and Basketball)

I studied Textile Chemistry but am a Textile Businessman. So as you can see that somewhat stunted my technical education. I could have understood all the gobbledook had I but been given a chance but that’s how it is.

To tell you franky, my blogging Career is exactly one day old. Yesterday that is on the 19th of March (My children’s birthday) I finished my first blog post. I admit I am a novice with no body of work as compared to established Bloggers. So why do I write?

I am inspired by my family but the real reason is my own ignorance and lack of technical knowledge. We all need to do stuff on the net and most times we hit a wall of technical terms. We all tend to give up and I’m guilty of that as well. So I have decided to write about all the technical stuff that I can make any sense of and convert into laymen terms.

Don’t worry it won’t be too complicated because I’m probably one of the most slow-witted persons in the whole of the Asia-Pacific region and if I can understand something well enough to write about you sure as hell will make some sense of it as well.

I envision that this Blog of mine will become a bridge for us laymen to understand about all things technical that we really should have known about but never did and then were too afraid to ask for fear of people finding out how dumb we were.

It is not ignorance but the ignorance of it that is the death of all knowledge


Even though the title at the top of this page says About Me, I would like this blog to be as much about you as me. I have admitted to you that I am a clean slate and don’t have much expertise in writing blogs. But what I do have is an experience that we all share of being somewhat semi-literate individuals in a technology overloaded world where the latest gadgets become out-moded before we even get to master them, and no one has the time to explain.

Travelling on  this bridge across Ignorance to Smarts is akin to a journey, yours and mine and let me tell you I get my kicks out of engaging with you my readers and your comments, suggestions and feedback are like the air that I breathe, so I request you to keep me in aplenty!!!


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